keto breath meters 

One of the challenges with a ketogenic lifestyle is staying in ketosis. It is common for a person to be continually slipping in and out of ketosis. While this is normal, it is something that most of us would like to monitor. Did that smoothie kick me out of ketosis? This is a legit question. Basically, testing for ketones is your best bet.

There are several ways to test for ketones.

Method 1
I have a blood ketone meter that works much like a blood glucose meter. A lancet is used to prick your finger, and a small drop of blood is tested for ketones. This is perhaps the most accurate method of home testing. Unfortunately, it costs me about 2 dollars per test strip. If I was evaluating my meals on a daily basis, the costs can really add up. I chose not to use this method because I do NOT want to spend 6-12 dollars per day on testing for ketones.

Method 2
Urine strips. I personally haven’t used them because I was warned away from them early in my keto diet. I am told that they measure the ketones that spill over into your urine and can be a bit deceiving because as your body becomes more keto adapted, the ketone level in your urine can drop and sometimes disappear. Urine strips are definitely affordable. I’m not totally against urine strips. They can be purchased at any pharmacy so they are easy to have available in the first weeks of keto.

Methode 3 – Alcohol meters

This is my preferred method of testing for ketones.

I found a low cost alcohol breathalyzer device from Gearbest. They use an earlier method of alcohol detection that includes a gas sensor. Here is the good thing about this meter, it is not able to tell the difference between alcohol and breathe ketones. Is this a valid way to measure ketones? Yes, as long as your aren’t drinking – lol.

So this meter is low cost, and I am able to test as often as I like without spending and spending. This is why I like it the best.

Is there a down side to using a cheap beathalyser? Yes there is but imo it is not a big deal. When the breathaylzer detects ketones in my breath, it reports back to me with a blood alcohol number so I dont get to know what my ketone levels really are.

Remember that saying ‘it is ok to be consistently wrong’? My consistently wrong meter still detects the presence of breath ketones and it still reports a higher number when my breathe ketones are higher.

Ultimately, I have a cool little device that hslps me be more scientific with my food choices.


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