Creating a framework for your meal planning

I like meal plans but they are plans so they have one inherent flaw. Whenever I am faced with adversity, my plans tend to fall apart.

So what can we do to help fight against plans that fall apart? I like to create a framework for creating meals. A framework increases your success at creating healthy meals during those moments when you are left with just one choice: improvise.

Here is basic framework that I’ve used for years. It is NOT  ‘exciting keto’, but whenever I eat it, I definitely see better results than my ‘off the wagon’ diet.  Ofcourse, I eat way more variety than this whenever I can, but this framework is often at the top of my mind when I’m putting together a grocery list.

Please consider this my Standard – sometimes boring – diet.

example 1
2 eggs, cheese, 2 tblspoon of flax seed. prepared as a muffin.

example 2
smoothy:whey powder, 1 serving of milk or yogurt, water,ice,  1-2tblspn of fat, ie flax, cold press olive oil.

mid morning: coffee or tea

Vegetable salad with fat and protein added to it or on the side.


  • salad with cottage cheese, nuts
  • salad with homemade chicken  bone broth
  • salad with feta cheese and olive
  • salad with soup made from broth and vegies.

Eat with my family. Replace starches

example1: on their fish and rice night, I will substitute the rice for steamed veggies

example2: on their pizza night, I have a Sheppard’s pie that is crustless and the potato is replaced with cauliflower.

Snacks: veggies and dip, or pork rinds,



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