Beginner’s guide to Keto

Woman Measuring Waistline - How to Lose Weight Fast

Before you start.

  • Use the keto calculator  to determine your macros. You’ll need this as a guideline to creat a framework for your meals.
  • Create a record of your BEFORE KETO self.
    • take pictures
    • take measurements
    • weigh yourself
  • Download a Keto Approved Shopping list and a poster of the Keto Food Pyramid.
    • create a personalized shopping list
  • install an phone app like Carb Manager

Your first Week


5 Things to do every day

  1.  Drink a tall glass of water in the morning
  2. Exercise. Start small, go for a walk. Please read The role of Exercise in a ketogenic diet.
  3. Track your food and Carbs. Consider yourself in a learning mode for the next 8-12 weeks.
  4.  Spend some time on you. (read a book, listen to music, reflect on your day, plan for tomorrow, etc)
  5. Get a good night sleep.



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