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Re-shingling my roof

June 30, 2018 NSDad 0

It is 27 degrees Celcius with 100% humidity. The weather channels says it ‘feels like 38C’. I really have no business being up on a […]

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Diabetic vs Diabetes

June 29, 2018 NSDad 0

Personally, I try to say ‘I have Type 2 Diabetes’ but I admit that I also say ‘I am a Type 2 Diabetic’. It really […]

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High Protien and Keto

June 28, 2018 NSDad 0

I recently listened to a pod cast where the expert guest mentioned that the idea that excessive protien will trigger an insulin response is a […]

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ADA 78th Scientific Sessions

June 27, 2018 NSDad 0

The ADA 78th Scientific Sessions conference was yesterday. Guess what they are talking about… Very Low Carbohydrate Diets for Diabetes (ADA 2018) [quote][b]Study Demonstrates Health […]

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Non-scale victories

June 24, 2018 NSDad 0

It is 11am Sunday morning, and I realized that before the weekend is over I have promised to get together with my wife to measure […]

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Dealing with Adversity

June 23, 2018 NSDad 0

A couple days ago, NSMom pointed out a spot in our kitchen where the rain water is finding its way through our roof then ceiling. […]

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measurements and pictures

June 21, 2018 NSDad 0

NSMom and I are making plans to take measurements and photos of ourselves this weekend. She has been following a few people on youtube that […]