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In September 2017, I started ‘the journey’ again. My journey, again. A weight loss journey. A live healthier journey. I’ve started this journey many times in the past. But this time it is different.

How is this journey different?

This time I focused on the process of weight loss and living healthier instead of focusing on the outcome. I figured that if I can master the process, the outcome would sure to follow.

So, in September 2017,  I started with the foundational things. I started tracking my food on my phone. I started making enough salad on Monday to eat all week at work. I wanted to set as many good habits on autopilot so that they happened naturally without having to give them any thought. I created a basic frame work for my meals so whenever I had to improvise I could strive to stay within the framework.

Did I make any progress?

I lost weight. It was about 20 lbs.


By November 2018, I wasn’t losing any weight.

The good? The Bad?

I was eating salads, and good proteins like boneless skinless chicken breast. My phone was telling me that my daily kcalorie intake was 200-300 below my daily target of 2400 kcalories. I just wasn’t making any progress during the week. My weekends were worse, I had cravings. Cravings that would lead me to eating entire bags of potato chips sometimes 2-3 bags per day. My hunger was insatiable .I have Type 2 diabetes, and despite all the salads I was eating, and the 40 units of insulin per day that  I was taking, my blood glucose readings were often in the 13-15 mmol/l range.

Something new…

In November, a friend and coworker emailed me a link to a youtube video(click here to watch) from Dr. Jason Fung where he talked about  fasting and weight loss. What he said made sense, but I’ve been fed many conflicting stories about fasting and low carb. I needed to do some learning and some reading.

A little reading, and a little experimenting…

I went to Kindle book store, and bought The compete guide to fasting: healing your body through intermittent, alternate-day fasting. By Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore

I tried a 16 hour fast. Everything worked out well for me. Skipping meals all day long has always been easy. The sky didn’t fall. I survived to tell another tale.

I tried a 3 day fast. Everything worked out extremely well for me. On the second day of the fast, I measured my blood glucose at 9.6 mmol/l. That was fantastic! I hadn’t seen a single digit bg reading in months.

On December 27, 2017 ( I had to wait until after the Christmas dinner) I started  a 13 day fast. I have a journal of this fast that I will post a link to in the next few days, but it was amazing. I achieved single digit blood glucose readings while going completely off my diabetes medications. I didn’t suffer any bad symptoms like ‘detox’ or ‘flu’. I wasn’t low energy and I wasn’t confined to my bed. In fact, I actually did many 45 min elliptical workouts,and stepped up my walking. My new found energy was motivating. I cleaned and organized my man cave. Life was good.

During my 13 day fast, I read another book Keto Clarity: Your definitive guide to the benefits of low-Carb, high-fat Diet by Eric Westman MD, and Jimmy Moore. When I broke my fast, I switched my diet to a ketogenic LCHF diet.

The first week on keto was rough. I wasn’t sleeping as well as I did when I was fasting. On day 4 of keto, my body was tired and aching and I was frustrated. I  realized that I  felt better fasting than I did at that moment. So what did I do? I fasted for 16 hours. I guess I’ll never know what exactly happened but on day 5 , my body must have broke past any barriers and I started to feel better.

It is June 2018 as I am writing this. My life has been keto since January. I struggled with it for a while due to an unrelated medical condition that I’ll talk about eventually. But ultimately I’m keto adapted. I have no problem moving in and out of ketosis.

My cravings are gone. I haven’t had a bag of chips – not even as a cheat – in months. This is really amazing because the cravings, and potato chips were definitely an Achilles heal to me. And now they are gone.

Anyway, thank you for letting me share my story with you. It is not over. My journey has just begun. Please check out the recipe section and my various posts on fasting and keto.

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The compete guide to fasting. By Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore

Keto Clarity. By Eric Westman MD, and Jimmy Moore.

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