Something I will never know for sure….

What caused my diabetes?

I eat for stress, comfort, when I’m happy, fatigued, and feeling really good. It would be easy to say that I have diabetes because I am morbidly obese.

However, if I speculate a little bit…

I have extreme sleep apnea which I treat with 100% compliance with a CPAP.

If I compare my ‘fat and sick’ levels of energy and alertness with my ‘150lb 15yr old me’, I strongly believe that I had sleep apnea or some other metabolic condition in my teens. Ofcourse, in the 80s, sleep apnea was not a household word.

By the time I was in college, I had already passed 220lbs, and things like sleeping in the shower standing up was already ‘normal’.

I was almost 40 before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.
My pressures have always been high, and I actually snore while using my mask.

In 2006, I had an ENT doctor send a camera up my nose, he wanted to do surgery on me. Basically, peel my face back, burn and cotterize my nasal tissue, and take a chisel to the bone to open up my airway.
Sorry about the TMI description LOL.

I refused the surgery. My condition is manageable with a cpap mask. I am more of a mouth breather than most. Plus there are steroidal sprays that I could help me but I am currently managing without them.

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  1. I hope you are doing great. I was told I had sleep apnea about 20 years ago. And they wanted to put me on the machines, I refused it and started losing my weight, I was lucky in that my weight was what caused my sleep apnea. I also had acid reflux and losing the weight did the trick for it too. I am hope you will be able to do it with losing weight too. My feeling is that all of the medications that doctors shove at us now days is just for their bottom line. For me I go to the VA clinics and they do their best to keep me off all medications. They are doing a great job of education now. They offer dietitian/nutruition help. I am lucky in that the one I have has an open mind when it comes to my way of eating. She has told me it is more about what works for the individual and not what the books, and charts are saying. While I am not following the keto diet I am finding that the fasting is my key. I am not even try to fast over about 16-18 hours a day most day and I am seeing a little help. My waist is going down slowly, while my weight has gone up some it is now coming back down slowly. Most of the weight gain I have seen is due to salt, from traveling an eating on the road. You stick to your guns, I believe it will get you to your goal and help you control your diabetes and may even completely control it with diet in the long run.

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