Re-shingling my roof

It is 27 degrees Celcius with 100% humidity. The weather channels says it ‘feels like 38C’.

I really have no business being up on a roof, but I’m playing the Turtle vs the Rabbit game. 40 minutes on the roof, 20 minutes in the house resting and hydrating.

Although it is not physically strenous at this pace, it certainly is an interesting challenge for this body of mine.

It is 11am already, I’ve been at it since 7am. I have to say I am feeling strong. I don’t feel energy depleted. And, I am impressed at how well I am handling the activity. I fully expected to have aches and pains, but the anti-inflamation properties to my keto diet seem to be paying off.
2:30 pm the weather networks says ‘feels like 32C”. We are spending 30 minute on the roof, 45 minutes recovering. My son has been awesome.

I am actually enjoying this so far. It reminds me of fond memories riding my motorcycle to Yellowstone Park. When you are at highway speed you are cool and covered, but all the stops in each town make you very sweaty and you drink gallons of water.