Non-scale victories

It is 11am Sunday morning, and I realized that before the weekend is over I have promised to get together with my wife to measure and weigh ourselves, and take some BEFORE pictures.

So, I’m thinking about what sort of non-scale victories should I track?

Should I track that it has been months since I’ve had a bag of potato chips and sour cream at my computer desk?

Should I track that I’m wearing my favorite jeans that I haven’t worn in years?

Should I track that my waist size is small enough that I can now buy my jeans at walmart?

Should I track that my lower legs haven’t had a diabetic ulcer since last fall?

Should I track that my lower legs are experiencing the least amount of anemia in years?

Should I track that I went for a walk this morning? I never used to go for walks on my days off.

Should I track that my knees, hips and other joints are NOT feeling any inflammation? Instead of walking for 20 minutes before feeling good – you know the kind of good that makes you want to power walk – I’m there! I’m ready for brisk walk anytime I feel like I have time.

Should I track that when I stand up out of bed, or out of an office chair I am ready to go?

Should I track that I’m am finally in a state where I can get annoyed at writing “Should I track that…” long before I run out of things to write out?

This journey isn’t really just about the weight loss is it? I’m tempted to print this post out and hang it on the wall in front of my bathroom scale.