My First 20 hour fast

This morning, I started my first intermittent fast.

The morning was easy. When given a choice, I’d rather not eat anything in the morning.

Lunchtime was a little difficult. Just like clockwork, I started to develop cravings for food about 30 minutes before my lunch break. My lunch was a coffee with 2 splenda, and a 710ml bottle of Diet Pepsi. The hunger passed, and I went about my day again. This is not that bad.

4pm – Wow, the afternoon went fast, I’m looking for a snack but settled for another coffee and splenda.

7pm – Home.  I can smell the dinner that my wife left in the microwave for me. Pork Chops and Rice. And, I had some chunky salad with blue cheese dressing.

11pm Snack – Tortilla chips and salsa.

All my eating was inside a 4 hour window so I’ll call it a 20 hour fast.

Wuhoo! I got through the day. No symptoms. I felt good. If this is a good way to lose weight, I’m in. I’m been reading a bit from Dr. Jason Fung, what he says about Fasting seems to make sense to me, but this is going against everything anyone has ever told me so I’m feeling a bit nervous trying this. I’m glad this was a good experience. It helps reassure me to try some more intermittent fasting.

Edit: I did 4 days of intermittent fasting this week. Each day was as easy as the first one. I don’t have much to say other than I’m good to try a longer fast next week, if I can do some more reading and see what I should be doing.