1. NsDad
    I am enjoying you site and blog. While I am not diabetic and not that over weight. I am starting to see the benifits of fasting. Due to my better half you will be disappointed in the fact I do not follow the keto diet. But I wish I could. My way is eating breakfast and dinner eating what my wife makes fo beautifully. My wife is underweight and has such a small stomach she can not eat very much at a time. She is Itialian so she loves pasta, and carbs. My way if working with her issues is to eat breakfast with her at about 9am then not to snack and eat the evening meal at about 5:30pm. I do not eat between meals or in the evening after the evening meal. I have been following this now for a month. My weight is stable and much more so than it ever was when I was counting calories and worried that I was not eating enough or too much. Also, my blood pressure is much lower, and my belly, and thighs are at least 2 inches smaller than before. I do resistance band workouts and I am seeing my upper arms, chest, and shoulders slowly increase in size. I am sorry for our earlier miss understandings before on the loseit forums.

    • Hi Charles. Obviously, your health and your wife’s health is very important to you. In my view, that is something I look up to, and I feel I’ve drawn some wisdom from your words.
      We all take different yet often similar pathes.Thank you for sharing some of it with me in this comment and in your blog.
      I am typing this on my phone while waiting my turn for the shower. When I get near a computer, I would like to post a link to your blog. I’ll be sending you an email asking you for permission.

      • You already have my permission. Also, I am thinking of my next blog. It is going to be a controversial one.
        “Do you really believe your doctors want you healthy?”
        I have read so much and researched so much that to me proves that if we are healthy then there would be no need for as many doctors, nurses, diet companies, fitiness companies, and the factory food industry would be dead. So big money I pay doctors to not tell us the truth.

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