How do you define ‘moderation’?

There is an expression that I’m sure everyone has heard and probably said  “Everything in moderation.”

Recently, I had a conversation with a lady that doesn’t believe in a ketogenic lifestyle. When she shared her story with me – losing approximately 100 pounds and keeping it off for the past 5 years – I realised that she has a good understanding of moderation. Although, she does avoid sugars and fast food, one of her main strategies for weightloss was portion control. I would love to talk more with her in the future. I beleive she has some wisdom to share and I offer my respect and admiration.

Anyway, we were kinda caught up in a civilized debate of keto vs ‘carbs included’ lifestyles. Her personal story was quite compelling( in other words, she was kicking my butt). So, I had to shift the focus to something else.

I chose a study mentioned in an article written by Dr. Fung. The study looked at various data to determine what percent of the american population has diabetes or prediabetes. I fast forward to one of the findings: 73.5 % of americans 65yrs and older have diabetes or pre-diabeties.

73.5 percent ! That is a huge number of people.

Wow!!! 73.5% of american 65 years (and older) are pre-diabetic or worse(ie diabetic)

That is more people than the obese people so clearly this is not an issue of  calories in/calories out. And, 73.5% is insanely high to attempt to explain away with genetic predisposition. Especially when the rates were much better only decades ago.

So what is the root cause to this? It might be that 100% of americans don’t know what ‘moderation’. It might be that 73.5% are liars about their moderation.

It might be that our medical community is too dumb to instruct us on the meaning of moderation. It might be a more sinister motive brought on by corporate greed, the quest for profits.

It might be all of the above.

In my opinion, regardless of what is causing this, I would like to see a new buzzphrase rise to popularity…something that could help us overcome the problem that we face as a group. What could that be?


( sorry about the shout, but I got excited lol)



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