High Protien and Keto

I recently listened to a pod cast where the expert guest mentioned that the idea that excessive protien will trigger an insulin response is a bit exxagerated.


He went on to say that glucogensis is good thing, it ensures that no matter what you do, your body can get the small amounts of glucose that it needs

if we feed ourselves glucose, we use it. if we have fats,  glucose is created as the triglycerides are broken down. if we have protiens, we break in down to produce glucose.

He went to describe that the burning of protiens is demand driven and the idea that excess proteins turning into jelly donuts in our blood was often exaggerated.

well, as interesting as it is, I don’t have the expertise to agree or disagree with this.

But I can experiment on myself.

What happens to my breathe keytones if I eat twice the recommeded protien ( in tuna)?

What happens to my breathe ketones if I take my entire daily allowance of protein as 3 protien shakes? with added fat? without added fat?


  1. Trevor was wrong in the way he said what he did. But it is the way he has been trained. You and I both know that the doctors know the truth about calories and the truth about why so many are diabetic and can’t or want tell the truth. Most of them make more money writing prescriptions to patients as kick backs than off of office visits.. when I first started using the VA clinics I was taken off almost all of the medications you private doctor had me own and I started feeling better in less that a week. The VA doctors do not get the kickbacks from the drug companies so they have no reason to over prescribe medications.

  2. I am ok with Trevor disagreeing, I just don’t think he was doing it in good faith. He accused me of a bunch of things where I was expected to deny a long list of things I never wrote in the first place.
    I love a good debate but that is not what I was going to get if I had to run around denying false claims that I never made.

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