Diabetic vs Diabetes

Personally, I try to say ‘I have Type 2 Diabetes’ but I admit that I also say ‘I am a Type 2 Diabetic’.

It really doesn’t bother me any. Even when I catch myself saying it,or someone else saying it, I generally don’t blink.

If someone else finds it hurtful to be called a ‘Diabetic’, you have my sincerest apology. I mean nothing hurtful about it.

Nevertheless, your feelings matter to me,  I will strive not to ever use it again.

Until then, can you please use some tolerance and forgive me?

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  1. I have heard my nephew’s doctor call him a diabetic. I have had one of my doctors in the past tell me that I am a diabetic waiting to happen due to my low blood sugar. I find Trevor to be a topic medical professional that doesn’t like to be told that the medical profession isn’t always correct.

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