3 Day Fast

been struggling with my diabetes lately. my fasting BG has beeb 14-18 even while taking 40 units of slow insulin.

i wanted to share an experiment with you.

last week i fasted for 3 days.

on day 1, my BG dropped to 9.6 so i stopped taking my insulin

on day 2, my BG was at 9.4 ( the best reading i’ve had in 2 weeks)

on day 3, my BG was at 9.5 before eating.

i broke my fast with a bone broth. my BG remained un affected.

4 hours later, i at a ketogenic meal but I also stole a slice of pizza from my son. My BG went to 10.5. i am happy with an increase of 1. could it be that im experiencing a residual benefit from the fasting?

on day 4, i ate 3 meals, not keto meals. my BG was 10.6

on day 5, i woke to a BG of 11.2, i ate a homemade muffin of 1 egg, 2 tblspns of flaxmeal. my lunch BG was 15. I ate a chunky salad for lunch. my supper BG was 17 so I ended my experiment and resumed my insulin shots