14 Day Fast – Day 1

Good Morning! Today is Day 1 of my 2nd medium term fast of 10-14 days.

I tried my first medium term fast in January 2018. I call it a 13 day because on the 13th day, I ate a mini-meal to help get my stomach prepared for the next day. I kept a journal of this fast. I promise to add it to this website, soon.

Anyway,  I have an exciting day of household repairs planned for myself today, so lets get started with a quick introduction of what I plan to do with this fast.

How long?

10 – 14 days.

However, if I am feeling really good, I may extend it an extra week.

Also, if I’m feeling any negative side effect to the fast that I can not quickly recover from with an electrolyte drink or cup of broth, I will be breaking my fast early.

What am I allowing myself to eat and drink?

I plan to add this information to my daily journal but here it is in a nutshell:

Food is not allowed, but water is allowed. Coffee and tea allowed.

Also, because this is a longer fast than an intermittent fast, I’ll also be adding electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins to my routine. I have an electrolyte drink that will help me with sodium and potassium.  I’ll have homemade chicken/vegetable bonebroth, not the stuff in the store.

Why am I fasting?

That is a very good question. It is one that I am going to be revisiting many times on my journey, and I expect it to change – perhaps evolve – as I learn and experience new things.

Why am I fasting? I am fasting to put myself into a metabolic state where my insulin levels will be lower than usual. There are many reasons to do this. For me, I believe it will improve my type 2 diabetes.  I believe a medium term fast is somewhat necessary but more powerful than my current lifestyle of ketogenic eating and intermittent fasting. More of a good thing isn’t always the best solution, but I can’t resist the temptation to give it a try. So here we go…..thank you for reading about my journey!


I made it to day 8.

Those 8 days were so easy and uneventful, I had writers block. It seems odd to make blog posts about how I am feeling. In some ways, I don’t feel qualified to really break down and describe the subtle differences between feeling good and feeling a bit better than good. I suppose I will get better at it.

So, what caused me to break my fast on day 8?

Nothing significant. I can only speculate and maybe word on eliminating the reasons that were not reasponsible for me chosing to break the fas

My cravings are mostly mental and they generally pass in less than 15 minutes. The strength of a craving on day 8 is not as strong as a day 2 craving.

I think I felt like I had nothing to prove to anyone else. I think I felt like it was ok to eat. 8 days was enough.

I’m certainly not disappointed with myself.

I am a little worried that I might be justifying an unscheduled ending of my fast, but I am still very eager to try it again so I  probably over thinking everything



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